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People soliciting

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Is anybody else annoyed by this people still ringing our doorbell trying to sell something. We had someone from AT&T yesterday and my husband pointed out that he was not supposed to solicit in our neighborhood. He answered he was not trying to sell something. Anybody have any idea how to stop this. The same with the kids. It happens all the time and I blame the parents for sending them. 

Thank you for airing your complaints for the entire world to see.  I was considering purchasing a property in Cypress Lakes but thanks to your comment I have decided to look elsewhere. HOA's are generally a problem anyway.  People with nothing to do, except for maybe complain to the world about a minor inconvenience, wan to tell others what they can and cannot do. No thanks.  Did you ever stop and consider that the Universe lined up the person at your door to see if you could connect thorugh fellowship and conversation?  Perhaps you would have found that you had something in common and become slightly more grateful for the life you have been give.

No. Not you. Your just sitting in God's waiting room for your life review.

That is all!

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