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blue tarp on roof on 4th street

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Just curious what's going on with blue tarp on the roof of the house on 4th Street? It's been on over two months.

Hi Dan!


As I have explained to the HOA, and I would have explained to you as well, if you had just asked me the other day when I said hello to you as you were getting your mail...


We are in the midst of an insurance fiasco!  No worries!  We have obtained a lawyer and they are working on issuing a check ANY DAY NOW!  In fact, I just signed affidatives today with a roofing contractor and permits are set to be pulled today or tomorrow.


I know the blue tarp is terrible.  I hate it more than anyone here!  It is so heartbreaking for me to pull into my own driveway and see it gaping at me like a constant reminder of all the phone calls, all the letters and HOURS upon HOURS of time spent on getting this resolved.


However, the tarp is there to protect my home as well as the homes around me so that more material doesn't come off the roof!  


If any one would like updates, please feel free to ask me.  I know it is not a beautiful sight, trust me, I can not wait for it to be gone too!  I promise, we don't bite!Smile


Sincerely, The homeowners with the ugly blue tarp on their roof.

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